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Week 33: Theme

Late again...so sorry; I was at a con. Which consequently inspired this week's theme. I'll give you guys an easy one, since the deadline is five days away. Your contest theme this week is...


Your icon must be from an episode or chapter where the Host Club goes out somewhere for fun or whatever. Examples include the Jungle Pool SOS episode, the beach episode, the boys' visit to Haruhi's house and the Supermarket, the Pensione and the "refreshing" contest + Haruhi/Hikaru's date, the trip to the commoner's mall, the infiltration mission to Lobelia. Again, your icons may be from either manga or anime, and I will be able to tell if they don't fit the theme. Don't underestimate my obsession with this series~

(If you decide to use a scan that has not been released in the U.S. yet, I may ask you to specify the chapter for me.)

- Icons must be new, made this week for this theme.
- Icons must meet LJ standards
- No advertising your icons, no posting them anywhere, no telling people to vote for you. That's cheating. No posting them anywhere until winners are announced.
- You may submit TWO (2) icons.

Remember to include:
- The icon itself
- The url of the icon

Like so...


Deadline: Friday, Feb. 23rd at 10pm.

(Now to update the past themes and winners list...I promise I'll work on the banners this week. T_T)