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Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...

Week 16: Two Variations

Hello you lovely people! It is me, xdnangel, here to tell you the new theme for this week! Yay!

But first, omg, I'M TOO SEXY!! XD That is the best theme EVER. Props to ani_art.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming! ^_^ Your theme this week is Two Variations. Basically, you take one image and create to two different variations of an icon from it. They can be slightly different, or totally different. It just has to be the same image. So, for this theme you're allowed to submit up to 4 icons, which is 2 sets of two.

-Icons must be fresh, made especially for this contest.
-Icons must be 100x100 or less and 40kb or less.
-No cheating. No advertising your icons, no getting people to vote for you, no posting your icons anywhere until winners are announced.
-You can submit up to 2 sets of icons. 2+2=4
-Remember to include the icon and the url, as seen below.


Deadline: Friday, September 29 at 10PM EST.