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Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...

Week 06: Voting


I forgot to add a icon to the bunch. There are 7, not 6. I've deleted all previous votes, so please vote again if you already have. ^_^ Thank you!

-No voting for your own icon!
-No telling other people to vote for you!
-Vote for your favorite 3 icons.

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Voting ends Sunday, July 23rd at 10pm EST.

And don't forget to participate in mulanreflection's Smile Theme Theme.
Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...

Week 06: Reminder

I almost forgot it was Tuesday. ^_^; Oops. That would have been bad, since we have 0 icons right now and desperately need this reminder.

So place enter your icons into this weeks loneliness theme. You can submit up to 2 icons, so please take full advantage of that. ^_^ More chances to win are always nice, right? ^_~
Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...

Week 06: Loneliness

Your theme this week is "Loneliness"

I'm paying homage to episode 14, and how lonely Tamaki must have felt with no friends his age growing up to play games with. You may use this theme however you see fit, by using the word or different variations of the word in your icon, or by putting a single (or two, for the twins) character into your icon. However you can imagine loneliness. You can use a Dictionary or a Thesaurus for reference and inspiration.

^_^ Have fun.

-Icons must be fresh, made especially for this contest.
-Icons must be 100x100 or less and 40kb or less.
-No cheating. No advertising your icons, no getting people to vote for you, no posting your icons anywhere until winners are announced.
-You can submit up to 2 icons.
-Remember to include the icon and the url, as seen below.


Deadline: Friday, July 21ST at 10PM EST.

Remember to VOTE HERE for week #5.