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Week 03: Results


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Congrats to everyone!!! ^____^ Please let me know if you'd like a banner.

Don't forget to submit to the Ouran is For Lovers theme!! And you can submut 2 icons!

ATTN: This weeks voting and the next theme on Friday, July 7th WILL BE LATE. Neither xdnangel or myself will be home on time, due to Pirates of the Caribbean 2. (OMFG IT'S FINALLY OUT!! Can't wait! *flails* ^___^) Sorry, guys. One of us will get that up as soon as possible, likely closer to midnight EST.

Week 03: Lyrical challenge – "This I Promise You"

This weeks theme is a lyrical challenge! The song: "This I Promise You" by N*SYNC. Also, please remember guys that you can submit two icons! Take advantage of this opportunity! ^_^

- Icons must be new, made this week for this theme.
- Icons must meet LJ standards
- No advertising your icons, no posting them anywhere, no telling people to vote for you. That's cheating. No posting them anywhere until winners are announced.
- You must use three consecutive words from the lyrics, no tiny text!
- You may submit TWO (2) icons.

Remember to include:
- The icon itself
- The url of the icon

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Deadline: Friday, June 16th at 10pm EST.