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Week 01: Winners

Hey everyone!! Sorry this is so late, but it took a while for the votes to get in. ^_^ We had a bunch of lovely icons, thanks to everyone for participating this week!

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Congrats to everyone! ^__^ Please comment if you'd like a banner. (It may take a little while to make banners, I'm a little busy plus I'm new to banner making. But I'll get them out as soon as possible!) <3. It's been fun, see ya next week!

Remember to submit in week 2's Homo Side Characters contest!!

Week 01: Voting

We have 8 lovely icons! (Yes, I'm posting this a bit early, but meh.) I'm so happy. Now it's time to vote!!

-No voting for your own icon!
-No telling other people to vote for you!
-Vote for your favorite 2 icons.

Voting ends Sunday, June 18th at 10pm EST.

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Voting ends Sunday, June 18th at 10pm EST.

xdnangel will have the new theme up in a half hour or so. <3

Week 01: Dress Up

Wow, twenty members!! ^_^ This is awesome, guys! Since this is my first most I'll introduce myself, I'm mulanreflection (Kate) the OTHER moddess here. I'll be starting us off with our first theme!! Let's get a lot of submission in, guys! ^__^

This weeks theme is Dress Up. 'Cause we all know the Host Club loves to dress up! Interpret as you like and have fun with it!

- Icons must be new, made this week for this theme.
- Icons must meet LJ standards
- No advertising your icons, no posting them anywhere, no telling people to vote for you. That's cheating. No posting them anywhere until winners are announced.
- You may submit TWO (2) icons.

Remember to include:
- The icon itself
- The url of the icon

Deadline: Friday, June 16th at 10pm EST.

I hope to see lots of icons, guys!! <3