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Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...


As bad as I feel doing this, I'm officially quitting as mod of host_icontest. It's been really fun, and a great experience, but Ouran just hasn't been able to hold my interest lately because Supernatural has eaten my soul. There are also other things in my life that have slowly contributed to my disinterest in the series and this community, relating to real life things that I don't want to discuss here.

In short, I'm leaving. But I don't want the comm. to die. :( That's the last thing I want, since we have such great members! So, if kawakaze is interested in taking over the comm. on her own, it's hers. I talked to mulanreflection, and she has a lot of stuff going on as well. She'll probably make an official post later, or just leave it like this. Either way, this will be my last post. ^_^ It's been fun guys!
Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...


Due to problems with the winners being posted before the tiebreaker was broken, mulanreflection and I have cancelled week 19. We deeply apologize to everyone who submitted icons for the theme and thank you for participating.

And tomorrow at some point Mu and/or I will be posting policies and stuff for the comm. that's been long overdue.
Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...

New Mods: Welcome!

^_^ Yay, we have two new mods! Originally, we were just going to have one, but then a lot of people were interested and we said, well, why not? It was still a tough choice though. ;_;

But everyone say hi to kawakaze and miruchu!!! ^_^ We're excited to have you guys on board! mulanreflection or I will have some sort of schedule soonly, so we can get a little organized! But for now, mulanreflection will post a theme this Friday, kawakaze will begin with 10/6/06, and miruchu 10/13/06. (sound ok to you guys?)

And, while I have you all here, I once again changed the layout. ^_^; What can I say? I was bored and wanted a change. I like it though.

And, one more thing! Don't forget to submit icons to the Two Variations theme!
Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...


mulanreflection and I have decided that we want another Mod for host_icontest. It's something I've been thinking about for a while now, but we've finally both agreed that we should do it! ^_^

No past experience required, because Mu and I didn't have any when we began the comm., but if you want to mention any prier experience, go ahead. Same goes for banner making, no past experience required, but if you want you can show off your work.

Really, the only real requirement we're looking for is someone who has time and really wants to do this!

So, if you're interested, reply to this entry, and please include ways we can get ahold of you (ie, your email addy, and an SN if you have aim.).

^_^ Have a nice day, minna! ♥
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Hey guys! ^_^ Just thought I'd point out that I changed the comm's layout. I like it much better than the old one, and the buttons are just sooo cuuuute! ^_^ But, it might be a little confusing to use them, so here's a guide for you!

Tamaki = Read Comments
Hikaru = Make Comment
Kyouya = Link
Kaoru = Edit Entry
Honey = Edit Tags
Mori = Add To Memories

^_^ I'm so happy with how the comm looks now. *Dances around*

Also! We have two new banner makes!! Everyone please welcome marlenem and jubin!!

We're still accepting banner makers, so if you're interested reply to this post! ^_^ We're not picky or anything, so don't be afraid of rejection!

And don't forget to enter this week's theme here. mulanreflection would love you all if you gave her lots of icons!

WANTED: Bannermakers!!

Alright, I really badly need some help. I know I've been a bit slow with banners and I apologize for that. Things don't seem to be getting any better though. I start school this week, I'm going to be extremely busy. I can manage the mod posts, but banners (and graphic making in general, unfortunately) is going to be a problem. So…

We need bannermakers!!

Please reply to this post if you're interested!!
- A sample banner and info on any past experience in bannermaking would be really nice.
- Also, please give us you e-mail or AIM screenname so we can keep in touch.
- We won't be picky.
- Just be sure you have the time to spare.

Please, could really use the help!

Besides, how can you say no to Tamaki's puppy eyes?
Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...

(no subject)

Hello, my lovely members, it's me again! I just want to give you all a heads up that we're starting the contest this Friday at 11pm EST by giving out the first theme. But it's been decided that for the first few themes we're going to allow a 2 icon per person submission. This will go on until we say otherwise.

^__^ So I'll see you all Friday! ♥
Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...

(no subject)

^__^ Welcome everyone!! We currently have (not counting mulanreflection and I) 10 members! I'm so happy about this, and since we have more memebers than we expected to have this early on, we've decided that if we can get a few more members by this Friday that we'll start the contest a week early! Exciting, huh? ^__^ So cross your fingers and pimp us out to all your friends!!