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Y&HJamez: And It's Been A While...

Week 08: Banners

Yay, I finally finished. -__-; I've had majority of these just sitting in my banners file, completely finished... with the exception of the text. I don't like text, I've decided. ^_^ But, anyway, they're finished! \o/

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Also, mulanreflection isn't having the best week and forgot to do yesterdays reminder. ^_^ No biggie, since I'm already here, I'll let you guys know that the Cake Theme ends Friday at 10pm EST, so if you want to submit to this weeks theme click HERE. ^_^ She currently has 6 icons, but more is ALWAYS love. And you can always submit more than 1 (up to 2!) icon!

WANTED: Bannermakers!!

Alright, I really badly need some help. I know I've been a bit slow with banners and I apologize for that. Things don't seem to be getting any better though. I start school this week, I'm going to be extremely busy. I can manage the mod posts, but banners (and graphic making in general, unfortunately) is going to be a problem. So…

We need bannermakers!!

Please reply to this post if you're interested!!
- A sample banner and info on any past experience in bannermaking would be really nice.
- Also, please give us you e-mail or AIM screenname so we can keep in touch.
- We won't be picky.
- Just be sure you have the time to spare.

Please, could really use the help!

Besides, how can you say no to Tamaki's puppy eyes?