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Week 05: Pirates Quotes

... Is it week 5? Oh god, I hope it is. I'm too incoherent to check or post voting or whatever.

Yeah. Just got home. I'm all kinds of "OMFGWTF?!" at the moment and want to freak out and unleash my fangirlishness like woah. xdnangel's not around though, but I did freak out on her voice mail. And to a different friend over aim. Omfg. Pirates. *DIES*

... right. Right. On to the theme thing.

This weeks theme is Quotes from Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes. We all know there was so many awesome quotes and they need some more icon love and Ouran is crack and so is Pirates so yes. Ouran + Pirates quotes = Crack^2. Mmmnnn. So grab your dvds or if you're lazy check out IMDB.com for quotes from Pirates and put it in legible text on an icon. Yeah. (Pssst. I'd love anyone who uses the line, "...and then they made me their chief." *giggle*)

SO. Uhm. YEAH. YOU CAN SUBMIT 2 icons!


-Icons must be fresh, made especially for this contest.
-Icons must be 100x100 or less and 40kb or less.
-No cheating. No advertising your icons, no getting people to vote for you, no posting your icons anywhere until winners are announced.
-You can submit up to 2 icons.
-Remember to include the icon and the url.
(*totally stole t3h rules from xdnangel's post.*)

DEADLINE: Friday, July 14th 2006.

... I go die in a corner now. *passes out*
Tags: submissions, themes, week #05

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