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Week 4: Ouran Is For Lovers

I'm going to get really lame this week. Because I'm in a good mood. ^_^ Have any of you heard the song "Ohio Is For Lovers"? Yes? I &heart; U The song when it first came out spawned a whole bunch of "______ is For Lovers" t-shirts and buttons (mostly found at hottopic, but I'll stop rambling now.). ^_^; So can you guess what else the song is going to spawn? That's right, "Ouran is For Lovers" icons.

Your theme this week is "Ouran is For Lovers". All icons submitted must feature a couple in it, be it cannon, fanon or crack (cannon=Mori/Hunny(?), Fanon=Renge/Haruhi(??), crack=Kyouya/computer(???)), and your icons must also feature in legible text "Ouran Is For Lovers". Threesomes are also very much welcome, for anyone who might be wondering.

-Icons must be fresh, made especially for this contest.
-Icons must be 100x100 or less and 40kb or less.
-No cheating. No advertising your icons, no getting people to vote for you, no posting your icons anywhere until winners are announced.
-You can submit up to 2 icons.

All submissions should look like this:


Deadline: Friday, July 7th at 10pm EST. (omg, PoTC2!!! *Dances*)

Remember you can submit up to 2 icons.

mulanreflection should be putting up voting soon, so keep an eye out for that! ^_^
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